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Kapai New Zealand


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Kapai Best Salad winner 2012

We'd like to take the credit for the food at Kapai, but that wouldn't really be fair. You see it was grown right here in good ol' NZ and all it needed was a good home.

So instead of sending it to Tokyo supermarkets and London laboratories, we thought it'd be better off in Kaikohe and the Catlins. The last thing we wanted was a homesick kumara or a sea-sick carrot on our hands.  

And when some crazy scientists told us to put it in plastic packets and inject it with preservatives, we had to disagree. Anybody that's spoken to a cucumber recently knows they don't like needles or small spaces.

It might seem silly, we know, but vegetables have rights too.  

Kapai New Zealand, keeping it local, fresh, good.  

  When the belly is full, the talk is good.

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